Legacy of Heroes

Filling in the gaps

A quick recap of the last few gaming sessions and we will need to add names to this later as I do not have my notes in front of me. The group had a stopped at Bereghost on the way back from the Cloud Peaks after recovering the body of Darvon Basha. The were invited to meet with the high priestess,Lenora Hellfast of the Temple of Cyric . After a very cordial meeting, she offered to either buy the keys to The Supreme Throne or to have the group work with the Temple to help free Cyric. She explained that Cyric’s time in solitude has given him clarity and has shown him the error of his ways. He has turned a new leaf and the local church was the beginning of the proof that he indeed had changed. They were offered 25,000 gold pieces per key. The group did turn them down on the purchase but did not fully agree to any other terms. It does appear that this will keep the Cyricts from meddling or at the least from harassing and attacking the group…at least for the time being.

After continuing their trip north, they stopped at the Friendly Arm Inn only to awake the next morning to a Legion of Banites camped around the inn. They were again approached about the keys but this time they did sell a key for 35,000 gps much to the chagrin of T’Maethra Arkhenneld. In exchange for the key, along with the money, they were given a map to another location of one of the keys. They did find out that the Baneites were heading to try to reclaim there outpost that they wrongly blame the Cyricts for attacking.

The group again headed north, reaching Baldur’s Gate and delivering Darvon Basha to his family. A quick restocking of supplies and a bit of shopping casued by the wind fall from the sell of the key, they made out for Waterdeep.

The first encounter on their way to Waterdeep was to come upon a couple of Bards doing upkeep on a road sign. This sign warned travelers to not “Hail or attempt to communicate with any Trolls, as they are dangerous”. The sign was had the initials LD on it. The grouped traveled with the bards for a while as there is safety in numbers. They had a random traveler show up at their communal camp site. Even though he seemed harmless, he was made to feel very uncomfortable. They parted ways shortly the next day and the group spotted a party of orcs with an ogre, moving fast on foot carrying what turned out to be the body of an elf in ancient style clothes. They confronted and defeated the Orcs and Ogre. Checking on their possessions, a map carried by the elf got the best of them and they decided to take a detour to investigate. This lead them to the village of_______________ where they were enlisted to slay a young Green Dragon and discover the where abouts of recently kidnapped towns folk by orcs. This coincided nicely with the current exploration of the map, so they agreed and took a scout from the town to lead them in the general direction of the homestead marked on their map. Not only did they find the homestead they were looking for, they also found the Green Dragon. After a fierce fight, they were able to gain access to the basement. The orcs were using that area as a staging area to brand slaves before moving them. This was disrupted by the group finding the secret door on their map and not only releasing chillborn zombies from the hidden crypt, they also unlocked and threw open the door to the orcs. A quick run down a hallway and the zombies split, half going after the heroes but the other half attacking the Orcs. Once the group dispatched their undead, they moved back down the hall and into the secret door, hidden by darkness cast by T’Maethra Arkhenneld. There was another staircase in the tomb that lead to an old library where all that was found were wraiths and a book written in old Undercommon. The group rested and when they came out to what they thought was going to be a fight with orcs, turned into a casual walk back to the village as the Orcs had left and taken all of the prisoners with them. They received their reward from the town, using the Dragons head as proof of it’s destruction. They now plan to continue to Waterdeep to meet up with T’Maekh Arkhenneld and Elminster in hopes that they can read the book.

Sept 18th 2010

After a brief rest, the party moved on up the stairs. No locked doors or traps were to be had and the first two rooms were empty. A barracks for laborers and a kitchen that had just seen some use….there was even some stew still simmering on the stove….along with the remnants of the ingredients. There was one room that was closed by heavy curtains that an occasional strong breeze would part them just long enough for the T’Maethra Arkhenneld to get a peek at a group of humans, mixed laborers, guards and a wizard, eating dinner. After discussing a number of possible plans, the Heroes decided to bring a table into the main hallway from the barracks to partially block the way and provide cover if needed. In a surprise attack, both T’Maethra Arkhenneld and Mahaelis Kreigen took sneak attacks against the mage, hoping to bring him down quickly…..but he was tougher then he looked. He was damaged and even poisoned but stood his ground. As Mahaelis Kreigen retreated into the hallway, she used her burning sphere to block part of the hallway and burn down the curtains. T’Maethra Arkhenneld took the quickly vanishing cover of the curtains to duck inside of the barracks and hide, hoping to sneak in behind the soon to be approaching Baneites. The plan worked well….too well, as all but one of the laborers was killed quickly, causing the Mage to send the lone remaining laborer for help. After a bit of a battle, the mage was killed only to have 2 guards and a rogue take his place. After a brief panic, the rogue was killed and his two companions shortly after. The party rested and then began to scour the rest of the stronghold for the missing Darvon Basha and the laborer. They discovered and looted another barracks and then found the master of the stronghold’s apartment….with him and two guards ready for them. A tough fight ensued with all of the party members being injured, some heavily. Once the cleric and his guards were killed, his office was looted where they found Baneite stationery, orders to move Darvon Basha and all of his possessions to a cave on the northern side of the Cloud Peaks, complete with directions! Also found were 3 obsidian statues, one each of Bane, Bhaal and Cyric…which were examined and destroyed to see if they contained anything. Now completely drained of all energy and recovering from their wounds, the party decided to hide back in the room with the secret door in the caves. As they were planning how to replace the bookshelves, the Giants that were guarding the gates came into the hallway, looking most quizzical. Quickly realizing they were not being attacked, the party claimed that the giant’s masters were dead…..the giants only spoke one word…“Proof!”. Helben Swede went and retrieved the cleric as “proof” and after a few words among themselves, the giants spoke again…..and again with a short reply….200 gold…each….the moneys were paid and the giants left. Realizing that from the great hall the giants had entered in had the front door open, the searched the rest of the building interior, finding neither Darvon or the laborer. They then did a long search for secret rooms, finding none. All that was left was to search the courtyard grounds and towers, no sign of either again, until a light was spotted miles down the road, heading away from the stronghold. With the letter being dated three days in the past, the party felt confident that there was not much of a head start and that they would take an extended rest and then travel back into the mountain to tell the Orin’Rivvin Clan that they were successful and also to reclaim their steeds.

Sept 4th 2010
The Black Gauntlet

So, after collecting the rest of the party in Baldur’s Gate, the group headed towards the location of the Black Gauntlet, the Old is new again Baneite Stronghold in the Southern Cloud Peaks. An uneventful trip left the group a little nervous when the reached their destination to find the outside of the fortress being guarded by 2 hill giants. Since they arrived late morning, they decided to search for another entrance before having to deal with the giants. During their travels, T’Maethra Arkhenneld spotted a lone humanoid creature who appeared to be camped out on an out cropping above the fortress, spying on them. Attempts by the stealthier members of the party to get close failed on two occasions, prompting Mahaelis Kreigen to just show her self in order to act as a distraction. Coming closer to the person, knowing that both T’Maethra Arkhenneld and Mahaelis Kreigen were succesfully sneaking up on the spy with Sepedea also trying but unsuccessfully trying to approach unseen, were near by, she began trading question and answers with the person who eventually told them that he was working for the Flaming Fist and specifically looking for an item of note but never actually reveling the item. Both of them convinced that the other was no real threat, they left in peace…..only to stumble on a pair of Drow. Luckily, they were recognized as members of House Orn’Rivven and one of them was even from the group the party met at the dwarven ruins of Dorn. After some quick thinking, Mahaelis Kreigen made sure that the Drow knew T’Maethra Arkhenneld was there and they soon began discussing their current predicament. Luckily the Drow knew of an old entrance into the stronghold that the current occupants would know nothing about. A few easily picked locks and the party found themselves in a partially collapsed, partially flooded tunnel that was the home of a pair of “giant” centipedes and their young. A hard fought battle gained them access to a stairway that lead to the secret door into the stronghold. The group listened in but did not hear anything so they quietly opened the door only find out it was blocked and correctly guessing that it was blocked by a bookshelf. They quickly made a battle plan and after the occupants settled down from hearing the secret but still hidden door open, the pushed the bookcase aside, surprising the Baneites and moved into the room. Some acrobatic leaping and darkness throwing helped to quickly dispatch one foe and allowed T’Maethra Arkhenneld to hide in an adjoining room. Sepedea went to keep the occupant of the other room from being able to go for help along with the help of Tha’Lestris. Helben Swede placed himself in the center of the room and Mahaelis Kreigen attacked from the safety of the hallway due to Valithria guarding the entrance. Even after recovering from their surprise, the Baneites were no match for the group and they quickly dispatched them. Now, on to the only door left and a possible ascent to the first floor of the Stronghold.

July 24th 2010

After returning to Baldur’s Gate after a brief visit to Candlekeep, the party discovered that their note for Darvon Basha did not go unanswered…..but not by who they expected. Two of his fellow party members had been awaiting their return. They came to Baldur’s Gate after being assaulted, having two of their members killed and having their leader captured and hauled away. The note held their curiosity long enough for Mahaelis Kreigen and T’Maethra Arkhenneld to return and check on the note before heading to Waterdeep. Sepedea and Valithria told them of their plight and it was determined that an immediate rescue needed to take place. The four set out and arrived at the Cloak Wood and made their way to the old and once abandoned home. After scouting the area and no other means of egress were discovered, a straight on approach was decided on and they strolled up and knocked on the door. After repeated knocking and calling out for their missing comrade, the door’s lock was picked and Valithria opened the door only to have chimes placed above the door sound out. The small group quickly entered only to find a modest room with no real signs of who may be “living” there. An open trap door led to a ladder that descended 40 feet to a 10 foot wide corridor. After some scouting, the group came to another locked door, T’Maethra Arkhenneld unlocked the door and entered the room. A large room with two sizable alcoves on either side with a double door directly across were all that appeared to be in the room. As soon as T’Maethra Arkhenneld entered, a pair of Ochre Jellies came sliding out and attacked. Although they initially had great concern about fighting the oversized and out of control molds, especially when they split into two equal parts once moderately damaged, they were soon dispatched. After taking a short rest and recuperating from their wounds, the soon picked the lock on the other door and climbed the stair case. They soon found their prize…..bound and gaged and dangling over an open pit, suspended by a rope held on to by a Bugbear…..his cohort in crime watching and the voice of an unseen foe speaking Goblin in the distance. After a quick strategy session, the party were able to take the trio by surprise! Sepedea was able to sneak close enough to phase step to the Bugbear holding the rope and attack, distracting him enough to allow T’Maethra Arkhenneld to sneak up and tie the extra length of rope to the well, hopefully insuring a probable deadly fall would be avoided. The surprise attack worked and after a fairly tough battle, the group were able to kill their foes and save Darvon. The news they were given was not what they wanted to hear. Darvon’s key was taken but he was able to over hear that it was being taken to the Black Gauntlet. A former Banite stronghold, that is now in use again. It is located in the Southern Cloud Peak mountains.

July 10th 2010
Gaming recap

After confronting Felina Sevile, the group was given directions and a map on how to retrieve the key to The Supreme Throne that she has been guarding. Expecting many undead, the group seemed somewhat disappointed that they only ran into a group of mostly starving dogs that were dispatched with hardly any effort. Upon leaving the tomb, the group made camp where they realized they were being watched. Turned out to be a very aged Elminster, who was both helpful and a hindrance at the same time. He was both powerful and frail….seeming to shift between the two without warning. They soon left to return to Baldur’s Gate with the old Archmage in tow, only to discover that they were being followed. They quickly led the trackers into an ambush, where the crazed goblins were all destroyed except for a lone wolf rider who escaped.

Once back at Baldur’s Gate, the group tried to contact Darvon Basha, who an early lead said had one of the remaining keys to The Supreme Throne. Although locating Mr. Basha’s family turned out to be an easy chore, it soon turned to frustration when they found out that he was an adventurer, off adventuring. It was known that he was trying to decipher script off of an old scroll, so the group went to Candlekeep to see if they could find him there. He had indeed been to Candlekeep and after talking to the High Reader, it turned out that the writing was in Shadow Weave. Since old magic is gone, he was sent to Skullport in Waterdeep as the best means of getting this item read. The group headed back to Baldur’s Gate to collect their companions and to get ready for the long journey to Waterdeep.

Quick and Dirty
Making History

The group has been brought together due to a “prophecy” written by Morgan Othrog that details a group of adventurers that comes together to stop Cyric from being released from the Supreme Throne. They are going to collect the seven keys which can unlock his bindings and thereby release him onto the Realms. The current group was brought together by T’Maekh Arkhenneld, the only known survivor of the Heroes of the Sword Coast. He had hoped to get a head start on the quest by bringing the party together early but he seems to have just followed what the prophecy foretold anyway. After collecting a couple of keys, the party is returning a painting to Felina Sevile, having learned on the quest that she is in possession of one of the keys.


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