Legacy of Heroes

Filling in the gaps

A quick recap of the last few gaming sessions and we will need to add names to this later as I do not have my notes in front of me. The group had a stopped at Bereghost on the way back from the Cloud Peaks after recovering the body of Darvon Basha. The were invited to meet with the high priestess,Lenora Hellfast of the Temple of Cyric . After a very cordial meeting, she offered to either buy the keys to The Supreme Throne or to have the group work with the Temple to help free Cyric. She explained that Cyric’s time in solitude has given him clarity and has shown him the error of his ways. He has turned a new leaf and the local church was the beginning of the proof that he indeed had changed. They were offered 25,000 gold pieces per key. The group did turn them down on the purchase but did not fully agree to any other terms. It does appear that this will keep the Cyricts from meddling or at the least from harassing and attacking the group…at least for the time being.

After continuing their trip north, they stopped at the Friendly Arm Inn only to awake the next morning to a Legion of Banites camped around the inn. They were again approached about the keys but this time they did sell a key for 35,000 gps much to the chagrin of T’Maethra Arkhenneld. In exchange for the key, along with the money, they were given a map to another location of one of the keys. They did find out that the Baneites were heading to try to reclaim there outpost that they wrongly blame the Cyricts for attacking.

The group again headed north, reaching Baldur’s Gate and delivering Darvon Basha to his family. A quick restocking of supplies and a bit of shopping casued by the wind fall from the sell of the key, they made out for Waterdeep.

The first encounter on their way to Waterdeep was to come upon a couple of Bards doing upkeep on a road sign. This sign warned travelers to not “Hail or attempt to communicate with any Trolls, as they are dangerous”. The sign was had the initials LD on it. The grouped traveled with the bards for a while as there is safety in numbers. They had a random traveler show up at their communal camp site. Even though he seemed harmless, he was made to feel very uncomfortable. They parted ways shortly the next day and the group spotted a party of orcs with an ogre, moving fast on foot carrying what turned out to be the body of an elf in ancient style clothes. They confronted and defeated the Orcs and Ogre. Checking on their possessions, a map carried by the elf got the best of them and they decided to take a detour to investigate. This lead them to the village of_______________ where they were enlisted to slay a young Green Dragon and discover the where abouts of recently kidnapped towns folk by orcs. This coincided nicely with the current exploration of the map, so they agreed and took a scout from the town to lead them in the general direction of the homestead marked on their map. Not only did they find the homestead they were looking for, they also found the Green Dragon. After a fierce fight, they were able to gain access to the basement. The orcs were using that area as a staging area to brand slaves before moving them. This was disrupted by the group finding the secret door on their map and not only releasing chillborn zombies from the hidden crypt, they also unlocked and threw open the door to the orcs. A quick run down a hallway and the zombies split, half going after the heroes but the other half attacking the Orcs. Once the group dispatched their undead, they moved back down the hall and into the secret door, hidden by darkness cast by T’Maethra Arkhenneld. There was another staircase in the tomb that lead to an old library where all that was found were wraiths and a book written in old Undercommon. The group rested and when they came out to what they thought was going to be a fight with orcs, turned into a casual walk back to the village as the Orcs had left and taken all of the prisoners with them. They received their reward from the town, using the Dragons head as proof of it’s destruction. They now plan to continue to Waterdeep to meet up with T’Maekh Arkhenneld and Elminster in hopes that they can read the book.


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