Legacy of Heroes

July 10th 2010

Gaming recap

After confronting Felina Sevile, the group was given directions and a map on how to retrieve the key to The Supreme Throne that she has been guarding. Expecting many undead, the group seemed somewhat disappointed that they only ran into a group of mostly starving dogs that were dispatched with hardly any effort. Upon leaving the tomb, the group made camp where they realized they were being watched. Turned out to be a very aged Elminster, who was both helpful and a hindrance at the same time. He was both powerful and frail….seeming to shift between the two without warning. They soon left to return to Baldur’s Gate with the old Archmage in tow, only to discover that they were being followed. They quickly led the trackers into an ambush, where the crazed goblins were all destroyed except for a lone wolf rider who escaped.

Once back at Baldur’s Gate, the group tried to contact Darvon Basha, who an early lead said had one of the remaining keys to The Supreme Throne. Although locating Mr. Basha’s family turned out to be an easy chore, it soon turned to frustration when they found out that he was an adventurer, off adventuring. It was known that he was trying to decipher script off of an old scroll, so the group went to Candlekeep to see if they could find him there. He had indeed been to Candlekeep and after talking to the High Reader, it turned out that the writing was in Shadow Weave. Since old magic is gone, he was sent to Skullport in Waterdeep as the best means of getting this item read. The group headed back to Baldur’s Gate to collect their companions and to get ready for the long journey to Waterdeep.


rainmanjr3 Siansonea

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