Heroes of the Sword Coast

Before the Spellplague, the Sword Coast was host to a group of adventurers who have become known to history as the Heroes of the Sword Coast. They are:

Information Gathered by Mahaelis Kreigen about the Heroes of the Sword Coast

• All of the members of the group who helped kill Iclyrnisisus (White Dragon whose hoard was used in an attempt to purchase Coinspinner) were also killed systematically. The Heroes of the Sword Coast were never able to determine who it was that killed them but did eventually find the bodies of all of them in a series of caves in the Cloud Peaks. The cave they were found in had evidence of some sort of magic ritual but not one that anyone was familiar with. Even though they had all been killed over the course of 17 months and they were given burials, all of their graves had been robbed and the bodies brought there.

Jastra Eveningfall was known for leaving the Heroes of the Sword Coast and eradicating all Gnolls on the Sword Coast from Luskan to just south of Athlatka.

Lavaine d’Alisander: Eventually came into possession of The Singing Sword after many attempts to track down the weird music that seemed to be haunting him. This gave him ownership of The Singing Sword tavern in Waterdeep and it is believed that the tavern has many secrets dealing with Bane, Cyric and the Heroes of the Sword Coast. These can only be accessed by the Sword. Lavaine eventually passed down the sword and the tavern to his son. When the Sword disappeared (As it often did looking for a new owner) his son eventually retired back to Aglarond where he had a family of his own (Yvaine d’Alisander is Lavaine’s grandson).

• Shortly after the Spell Plague, the Heroes of the Sword Coast went their separate ways for the next few years only to reunite in Baldur’s Gate and to destroy a number of Cyrist cells, greatly affecting the Gods already dwindling influence in the region.

• As the Heroes of the Sword Coast collected the items left behind by Bane during the time of troubles, they were left in the hands of Khelban Blackstaff. When the last item was delivered, an attack on Blackstaff Tower and an attempt by a sect of Cyricts to use the items to bring Cyric back to Toril by using a ritual to open a portal at the very spot in Waterdeep that Cyric, Bane and Bhaal rose to godhood during the Time of Troubles was thwarted by the Heroes of the Sword Coast.

• There are a number of rumors about the disbanding of the Heroes of the Sword Coast:

a) They were sent on secret missions to unite different groups of Harpers to help destroy Fzoul Chembryl.

b) Seven members of the group (T’Maekh Arkhenneld, Lavaine d’Alisander, Rishi d’Antera, Saeros Galenroth, Saaren’Rhek, Dzande Mneireyen and one more member whose identity changes depending on who you hear it from) were given items to protect and hide by a god or gods whose identities also change depending on who you hear it from (according to Elminster it was probably Tyr, Lathander and Sune). The other person is thought to be Argan Darkwood, a name not generally known in the Sword Coast.

c) They were on a quest to collect all of the Tears of Tempus.

d) They just went their separate ways believing that there purpose was done, only to be called back by Saeros Galenroth and Dzande Mneireyen when Baneites began to fill the void left by the scattered Cyrists.

Items related to the Quest

The Keys to Cyric’s Prison (“The Supreme Throne”) — Actual keys, seven in number.

  1. One key was recovered from the Dwarven Citadel.
  2. One key was recovered from a false tomb of Argan Darkwood.
  3. One key was recovered from the tomb of Felina Seville’s father.
  4. One key was recovered from the body of Darvon Basha. This key was relinquished to Torgish Doomdrar at the Friendly Arm Inn.
  5. Whereabouts unknown.
  6. Whereabouts unknown.
  7. Whereabouts unknown.

The Tears of Tempus — Can reactivate items like the Staff of Tempus.

The Singing Sword — Is a well-known relic, that generally ends up in Waterdeep at the Singing Sword Tavern.

Coinspinner the Luck Sword — Is mentioned and hasn’t been seen in over a hundred years. It’s supposed to be trapped in a box. The actual sword is supposed to be hidden somewhere.

The Orb of Ormunsun — Was last seen in Zhentil Keep. It is unknown what the properties of the Orb are.

The Staff of Tempus — Was originally used to Heal a plague, and was given to a priest of Ilmater, it was last seen in Baldur’s Gate. Mahaelis Kreigen knew that it was in the hands of the Baneites in the Cloud Peaks region. The staff can be re-powered with a Tear of Tempus, but it may not be a Staff of Healing anymore. The staff was recovered from the Lair of the White Dragon.

The Tooth of Krig — Is a wand that was used by a mage of Bane that is a lightning-oriented item. It was last seen in the Cloud Peaks. They went looking for an old dwarven Citadel, and they never returned. The Citadel had been there for a long time. Amn briefly held the Citadel, and has many connections to the Underdark.

h3. Factions related to the quest

Heroes of the Sword Coast

Cult of the White Dragon

Church of Cyric

Church of Bane

Church of Tymora

The Zhentarim

Heroes of the Sword Coast

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