Peoples of the Realms

  • Gerrick Arender: Human Male, Owner of the Friendly Arm Inn.
  • Ren Leglar: Human Male, Great Reader of Candle Keep.
  • Orinth: Human Male, Keeper of Tomes of Candle Keep.
  • Halen Send: Female Human, First Reader of Candle Keep.
  • Suri Malast: Male Dwarf, Cleric of Gond, Temple located inside walls of Friendly Arm Inn.
  • Muren Malast: Female Dwarf, Cleric of Gond, Temple located inside walls of Friendly Arm Inn.
  • Dareth Arentil: Human Male, Emissary of Amn, Baldur’s Gate.
  • Felina Savile: Female Human Actor, Dancing Troll, Baldur’s Gate.
  • General Baliz Edorin: Human Male, Military Leader of the Flaming Fist, Baldur’s Gate.
  • Hilda Garn: Female Human, Cleric of Tymora, Baldur’s Gate.
  • Morgan Othrog: Male Ogre Ranger, Baldur’s Gate (Deceased).
  • Merkindle de Lynt: Male Human, Head of Arts and Entertainment Guild, Co-Owner of the Prophet’s Playhouse and stealer of Paintings, his works are based on Lavaine d’Alisander.
  • Darvon Basha: Male Human, Rumored to have possession of one of the Keys to the Supreme Throne.
  • General Balez Adoran: Male Human, Flaming Fist Military Commander.
  • Zaxil “Zax” Lintkom: Female Human, Caravan Leader from Amn.
  • Dareth Arentil: Male Human, Emissary from Amn, Tried to get a pact with the Flaming Fist to look the other way during an upcoming “incorporation” of Berghost by Amn.
  • Name Unknown: Male Bearded Devil, “Ally” of Abraxas Thuga.
  • Galasyr Orn-Rivven: Female Drow, Met in the Dwarven ruined Citadel of Dorn.
  • Callum Kor: Human Male, Believed to be Deceased, Only human honored in Dorn besides Argan Darkwood.
  • Galandreth: Human Male, Traded map for information, was left waiting in Naskil.
  • Hilda Garn: Human Female, Current High Priestess of Tymora, Baldur’s Gate.

Groups of the Realms

  • The Flaming Fist: Mercenary Army of Baldur’s Gate.
  • Peoples of the Realms

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