Legacy of Heroes

July 24th 2010

After returning to Baldur’s Gate after a brief visit to Candlekeep, the party discovered that their note for Darvon Basha did not go unanswered…..but not by who they expected. Two of his fellow party members had been awaiting their return. They came to Baldur’s Gate after being assaulted, having two of their members killed and having their leader captured and hauled away. The note held their curiosity long enough for Mahaelis Kreigen and T’Maethra Arkhenneld to return and check on the note before heading to Waterdeep. Sepedea and Valithria told them of their plight and it was determined that an immediate rescue needed to take place. The four set out and arrived at the Cloak Wood and made their way to the old and once abandoned home. After scouting the area and no other means of egress were discovered, a straight on approach was decided on and they strolled up and knocked on the door. After repeated knocking and calling out for their missing comrade, the door’s lock was picked and Valithria opened the door only to have chimes placed above the door sound out. The small group quickly entered only to find a modest room with no real signs of who may be “living” there. An open trap door led to a ladder that descended 40 feet to a 10 foot wide corridor. After some scouting, the group came to another locked door, T’Maethra Arkhenneld unlocked the door and entered the room. A large room with two sizable alcoves on either side with a double door directly across were all that appeared to be in the room. As soon as T’Maethra Arkhenneld entered, a pair of Ochre Jellies came sliding out and attacked. Although they initially had great concern about fighting the oversized and out of control molds, especially when they split into two equal parts once moderately damaged, they were soon dispatched. After taking a short rest and recuperating from their wounds, the soon picked the lock on the other door and climbed the stair case. They soon found their prize…..bound and gaged and dangling over an open pit, suspended by a rope held on to by a Bugbear…..his cohort in crime watching and the voice of an unseen foe speaking Goblin in the distance. After a quick strategy session, the party were able to take the trio by surprise! Sepedea was able to sneak close enough to phase step to the Bugbear holding the rope and attack, distracting him enough to allow T’Maethra Arkhenneld to sneak up and tie the extra length of rope to the well, hopefully insuring a probable deadly fall would be avoided. The surprise attack worked and after a fairly tough battle, the group were able to kill their foes and save Darvon. The news they were given was not what they wanted to hear. Darvon’s key was taken but he was able to over hear that it was being taken to the Black Gauntlet. A former Banite stronghold, that is now in use again. It is located in the Southern Cloud Peak mountains.


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