Legacy of Heroes

Sept 4th 2010

The Black Gauntlet

So, after collecting the rest of the party in Baldur’s Gate, the group headed towards the location of the Black Gauntlet, the Old is new again Baneite Stronghold in the Southern Cloud Peaks. An uneventful trip left the group a little nervous when the reached their destination to find the outside of the fortress being guarded by 2 hill giants. Since they arrived late morning, they decided to search for another entrance before having to deal with the giants. During their travels, T’Maethra Arkhenneld spotted a lone humanoid creature who appeared to be camped out on an out cropping above the fortress, spying on them. Attempts by the stealthier members of the party to get close failed on two occasions, prompting Mahaelis Kreigen to just show her self in order to act as a distraction. Coming closer to the person, knowing that both T’Maethra Arkhenneld and Mahaelis Kreigen were succesfully sneaking up on the spy with Sepedea also trying but unsuccessfully trying to approach unseen, were near by, she began trading question and answers with the person who eventually told them that he was working for the Flaming Fist and specifically looking for an item of note but never actually reveling the item. Both of them convinced that the other was no real threat, they left in peace…..only to stumble on a pair of Drow. Luckily, they were recognized as members of House Orn’Rivven and one of them was even from the group the party met at the dwarven ruins of Dorn. After some quick thinking, Mahaelis Kreigen made sure that the Drow knew T’Maethra Arkhenneld was there and they soon began discussing their current predicament. Luckily the Drow knew of an old entrance into the stronghold that the current occupants would know nothing about. A few easily picked locks and the party found themselves in a partially collapsed, partially flooded tunnel that was the home of a pair of “giant” centipedes and their young. A hard fought battle gained them access to a stairway that lead to the secret door into the stronghold. The group listened in but did not hear anything so they quietly opened the door only find out it was blocked and correctly guessing that it was blocked by a bookshelf. They quickly made a battle plan and after the occupants settled down from hearing the secret but still hidden door open, the pushed the bookcase aside, surprising the Baneites and moved into the room. Some acrobatic leaping and darkness throwing helped to quickly dispatch one foe and allowed T’Maethra Arkhenneld to hide in an adjoining room. Sepedea went to keep the occupant of the other room from being able to go for help along with the help of Tha’Lestris. Helben Swede placed himself in the center of the room and Mahaelis Kreigen attacked from the safety of the hallway due to Valithria guarding the entrance. Even after recovering from their surprise, the Baneites were no match for the group and they quickly dispatched them. Now, on to the only door left and a possible ascent to the first floor of the Stronghold.


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